How do I enable negative lights in 4.15?

Is there anything in 4.15 that would have disabled negative light? I had a project in 4.14 with lights I could set to negative values for some very interesting effects, however after converting to 4.15 they seem to have stopped working.

Here is an example of a negative spotlight “shining” at a cube and the cube casting a light shadow54036912d7afa250db815e6a539da3915f9e4a94.jpeg


Did you manage to solve this issue? I’m currently working on a project on 4.17 that could benefit a lot from using negative lighting and I’m wondering if it is no longer allowed in any form, or whether there is any way to enable it.

If anyone is looking for similar features, it is worth mentioning that negative lighting from Spot Lights may still be achieved by applying IES texture, cheking Use IES Intensity to True and setting Scale to negative values.

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