How Do I Distinguish Between Two Instances of the Same Blueprint?

I’m loving the visual scripting, BTW. . . It’s a ton of fun, and I’ve come a long way since starting last week; I feel. But I’ve hit a wall.

Here’s the problem:

I’ve created a door blueprint with several meshes. My goal is to drop fully functional doors into my level and allow players to interact with each door independently. I can place one instance of my door blueprint into the level, and it works great. When I place a second, however, the second instance doesn’t work while the first continues to work just fine.

A simple fix is to duplicate the blueprint and rename everything as needed. But I’m curious if I can get this blueprint to work for multiple instances without having to resort to blueprint duplication.

In this example, I am communicating between my door blueprint and my level blueprint. I have included screenshots of both blueprints along with a screenshot of the viewport of my level. In the viewport view, you can see the “one” instance of the door blueprint, which is properly placed on the right. The “second” is temporarily placed in the level on the left, perpendicular to the first instance of the door.

For all of you problem-solvers out there, I really look forward to your insights. I learned so much from your last comments.

Thank you so much.


My code is set up so that the player must both press “T” and overlap a collision box just beneath and to the right of the button panel (which are right of the door on either side of each door. Hence the AND and abundance of boolean-setting nodes

Also, the boolean set nodes for the “T” press event are mislabeled. . . Please ignore. The code works fine for a single instance of the door blueprint.