How do I determine Vive worn state?

Hi there,

I’ve used VRNotifications component along with “Get VR Focus State” to determine whether or not the user is wearing the headset. This worked perfectly for the Oculus, but when I’m trying to use those nodes for the Vive, they simply don’t work. I’ve also tried using the VR Expansion plugin, but their “GetIsHMDWorn” only returns “Not Worn”.

When searching online, it seems like most people are implementing their own solutions with C++ but I’m looking for a solution that is Blueprint only.

Any suggestions?

I am running into this same issue on the Vive Pro. On the Rift, both Get VR Focus State and Get HMDWorn State return the appropriate worn states. But these function simply do not work on the Vive Pro I am using.

Have you made any headway using a blueprint only solution?

I have a really faint recollection of this issue. If I remember correctly, the “Get HMD Worn State” will correctly return “worn” but the “not worn” state will only trigger after removing the headset and leaving it on a flat surface for twenty seconds or something like that. It would also return worn if the headset is out of range of the base stations.

So it’s not really useful in its current state (4.21 engine version).