How do i detect a mouse release?

Hey all,

I need to catch a (left button) mouse release in the most general situation, ie no matter what’s on the screen or behind the cursor.

I already know how to use the OnReleased.AddDynamic() mechanism (and it works well), but then i need a target actor.

I need to detect the release even when there is nothing behind the cursor.

I tried to use OnReleased on the player controller. It compiles but it doesn’t fire.

Anyone knows how to do this ?

Thanks !


Ok, got some good and bad news.

The good news is there seems to be a perfect function for that: SWidget::OnMouseButtonUp.

The bad news is there seems to be some problem on it, it fires only when double clicked.

I opened a bug here:

Also, due to another bug, i had to disable the SelfHitTest (using SetVisibility(EVisibility::SelfHitTestInvisible)):

But that also prevents the MouseButtonUp event from firing.

So it is supposed to work, but i am stuck between two bugs :frowning:

I will update if i get any news.