How do I create draw distance?

I want to make it so everything in a certain radius dissapears and isn’t rendered globally. I tried some basic stuff with cull distance but if the object is partially in the distance it’s rendered whole so for example floor is visible fully but I would like it to not be visible beyond the set distance and only the parts within set distance to be seen.
Here is an example of the effect in action:


the video you show does exactly that.

What the video shows is the same as UEs cull distance volumes would do if you set the same cull distance for all sizes. Maybe you didn’t divded your floor into parts but used one big mesh?

The first few seconds of the video are showing camera clipping. If you literally are looking for this, then you want to look at camera cull distance. It will limit what is rendered in distance to the camera which is sort of like a radius.

Yeah I used a big mesh for the floor, gonna change that