How do I create a projectile attack that has a change in geometry during the attack action?

So I’m trying to find a way have my character pop up a rock and hit it away from him on a button press. Right now I have the initial geometry spawning but it’s not spawning in the correct spot. I need it to spawn a bit in front of the character on the ground and move up until his animation moves to hit it. Once he hits it, I’d like the initial geometry to be destroyed and replaced by three smaller pieces of geometry that shoot forward. I have some idea of how to go about it but I’m not sure exactly how to get it done. So this is the blueprint I have set up right now that’s spawning the geometry but, as I said, it’s spawning at the center of his character rather than the socket I have it set up to spawn at. Everything beyond that is a bit baffling to me.

I figured out why it was spawning in the weird location. It should be going from the “Get Player Character” node into a “Mesh” node rather than a “Capsule Component” Node. I was also able to get the right behavior for the first part of the attack in the projectile blueprint. I guess that just leaves the swing of the character breaking up the mesh into smaller pieces and throwing them forward.