how do i check for true or false on behavior trees

hello, i’m trying to make my player walk with mouse input, when i click on a point of the screen the character will move, that working so far.

what i need, is if i click a point on the screen, i want to my character rotate first to face the destination and then start walking.

so far, i had done that my char will move to face the destination, but i didn’t know how to check that in my behavior tree.

i had a bool variable on my npc character that tells if the player must rotate first or not i tried to check for that variable on my behavior tree without any success.

already tried with bt services and decorators, but i didn’t know how to do this.

i attached what i have on my behavior tree.

any help, or point to a tutorial, forum thread will be very useful.

thanks in advance for all your help.