How do I change int Values

Hi everyone! How do I change int values for moving a ghost shape? I want to use: - and = keys to change values for moving the ghost shape. For Ctrl + - and = is for rotation amount. And Alt + - and = is Scale amount. Before planting any final shape exactly from the ghost shape. How do I do that? Where - and = is most likely next to the backspace key.

You have to add then as new input types. In the project options ( engine, input ) I’ve just added ControlEquals like this:


Then, in your BP, you can use the event:


Can only find the + on the numpad though, you might need to change your mind about keys :wink:

Here’s a photo album link to my vision. But how do I blueprint this from the photos?

Perfectly possible. I think you might be going down the wrong road with the strange key combinations. Better off using the UMG, so the user can just click the screen and the cubes move around. …