How do I change Ambient Zone setting dynamically?

I want to change to ambient zone settings dynamically for two scenarios:

  1. A building gets destroyed. This is ok as I can set (dis)enable the reverb volume which has the immediate effect of also turning of the zone settings (so I can now hear stuff outside that was previously occluded by the building, and the buildings not there anymore so turning of the reverb makes sense !

  2. I open / close a hangar door. This is more problematic since, although I can set the reverb settings to change (which happens with immediate effect), when I set the zone settings (Make interior settings) it does not take effect until I leave the volume and then re-enter it. Disabling the reverb volume is not an option here since I still want reverb in the hangar.

I suppose I could have a second reverb volume that occupies the same space and toggle this on as the other one is disabled but this starts to feel a bit clumsy.

So could we have the set ambient zone settings have immediate effect like the reverb does ? I’m not sure I can think of a good reason not to ?


Hi billystupid,

Thank you for the feedback. You currently can’t change the settings dynamically. I do see where this could be a handy feature to have, so I pasted this onto the developers as a feature request.

Have a good day.

Thanks, TJ


Hi Billy,

I have verified that the Ambient Zone settings have been adjusted so they can be changed dynamically in our latest internal build. You should see this in a future update. Here are some other improvements as well.

  • The Listener function has been updated so that it checks whether the settings are different as well as the volume.

  • Added comparison operators to Interior Settings.

  • Exposed Reverb and Interior settings so that you can create them in blueprints.



Yes I noticed this in 4.6 - excellent ! Destructible buildings are go !
I’m not a programmer so I’m not really sure what you mean in the first two bullet points so when you have a minute could you explain the usage of these a little more ? Thanks again !

Hi there, those two bullet points are basically how I went about fixing this issue. When updating the interior settings the listener was given an audio volume and the interior settings but it would only actually update these settings if the volume was different than what it already had. I then needed to add code to compare interior settings and allow them to be updated if they changed while the audio volume remained the same (which it would be in this case).

Hope that makes sense, it shouldn’t actually have any impact on how you would use them.

Ah - OK yes thanks that makes sense now.
Thanks again !