How do I capture 3D to convert to 2D with Transparency for use in a HUD?

For my game I wish to capture the face of my character as he walks through the world, for this I would add a face camera that looks at the characters face as one of its components. With this view from the camera, can I isolate the face and lay it over my hud (to be used as part of the hud).?

I guess this is a fairly advanced question and I considered using render to texture from capture, the problem with that was it also included the background and left me with a rectangle/square image which I wont want to be in the hud.

I want to use Blueprint for this, if it is possible.

Yep, I had that Idea too, It would be nice to be able to capture depth information, perhaps a light source placed at the camera with no shadows might help to simulate that… thanks for the idea there. Got me thinking what could work.

Instead of capturing the whole scene and masking out the background it would probably be easier and more efficient to simply create a copy of the head and render it outside of the view. I’m not sure if you can get an alpha channel from a scene capture, but if not you could simply “bluescreen” the head from the background by giving the background a unique color and masking out that color in your shader.