How do i build a circular/curved moving walkway in blueprint ?

I played a bit around with the moving walkways after someone(thanks again Mr. Ballard) told me how to build them in UE4 answerhub (i have put pictures of a working version of them under the questions) and so i had an even better idea for my level.

So i need a way to build curved moving walkways. The moving walkways should sit on top of a circular disc or donut. And if you jump on the walkway then it should carry you around the circular disc.

  1. Beside of that,the disc should envelop a huge zylinder and the sidewall of the cylinder should be made out of moving walkways which are 90 degree perpendicular/rotated to the ones on the ground.So that you can jump against the sidewall and will stick to the moving walkways on there,like you woud be holding on to something and would be carryd around the zylinder on the moving walkways in the sidewall.Basically like you would be sitting in a carousel and cant move but still can aim, shoot and look around and your movement follows the path of the sidewall-walkways.

Beside of that if you dont have an answer to 1 or 2, can you tell me where i will find a good tutorial for those kind of advanced movement things.You can find simple tutorials for moving plattforms and setting up your jumphigh.

But where do i find tutorials which include the following things:

1.traveling on a fixed given pathway through a level with a fixed movementspeed and the ability to look around and shoot freely.

2.walking around not only on the ground but also on a surface in any direction, like walking around on the surface of a levelgeometry which is rotating in a room-kind of like in super mario galaxy.

Can i use some spline to define the pathway ? And when yes how exactly do i do it?


For a fixed circular motion you could maybe do something like parent your component to a hidden component that will rotate. Essentially creating a new pivot and give an offset to everything that travels around it.

That’ll really only work for perfectly circular motions and anything more than that would be a bit of a pain.

I don’t know how to use splines nor if it’s possible at all but if not it’d be a highly useful feature.

Maybe combining a existing wallrun blurprint with a autorun trigger volume?

Maybe i use one of the existing wallrun blueprints which are out there and modify it with a triggerbox around the wall so that the player enters autorun forward mode when he touches the triggerbox and exits it when he leaves the volume again.The only thing regarding "building movement on a fixed spline pathe " , i have found so far is this one:

I really like what they do with the payment model of unreal engine 4.
The only problem i have is that there are not enough tutorials which feature more advanced movement mechanics, which is strange because having things like moving walkways or shifting gravity like situations in blueprints is so often asked for.And therefore should be high priority.


Ok i have found the dynamic spline examples in the content example libary in the learning direction of the market place - I have not implemented it yet but it looks like you should be able to add a timeline which updates the characterpath on a spline.Hopefully it works.