How do I break up parts of a Sphere?


So the project I’m working on requires earth, so I’ve wrapped a map around a sphere and have given it borders, however its occurred to me i have no idea how to split it up. I need to split it up into nation states so players can choose individual countries and i can’t seem to find a tutorial anywhere, either that or i’m using the wrong search terms.

Any help would be appreciated thanks!

Hello !

There would be a number of ways to break it up. One of the simplest ways I can think of is to actually break up the Map, that you have wrapped around the sphere, into the separate nation/states, etc Then if you are applying the “map” to a component, in some fashion, to put onto the sphere, the component could tell you what Nation you are in. This would also allow you to further break it down into cities, etc. Everything that is not a nation state could be assumed to be water, or even break those down into oceans, seas, etc. I’m not saying it wouldn’t be some work to do this, but it would give you any level of granularity you wished, and let you also start thinking of the “earth” as a “flat land”, instead of a sphere.

The one downside to this, would be that the components are “square” hence they are not modeling the boundaries of the geographic area. If you could get around this, by modeling the points of a boundary, and then seeing if the point of a player, was inside the polygon. You could also do a very fast check, by having a 2D rectangle, that was enscribed by the nation, so that the majority of queries, would return with only one check (and you don’t need the Z axis, so it can stay 2D).

Anyway just some thoughts, hope it helps,