How do I apply VR to my game?

Hi guys, i’m making a planet simulator game that you have complete freedom with, you’re able to move the character anywhere towards to planets to hear a voice over.
I was just wondering how i’m going to actually enable the VR.

This is the current state of my simulator. I just need the VR working so i can progress…

I’d suggest you use the VR template that Epic already provide and develop your game from there.

Is there no other way? I’m not sure how i feel about re doing my whole project…

Have you got a VR headset? If so, enabling VR should just be as simple as pressing the “VR Preview” button in the “Play” drop down menu in the editor.

Then you want to work out how you want to move around. The VR template is built for teleporting around a project with a floor as far as I know, so that might not be what you want anyway (still worth looking at it though). If you want to “fly” around you can make a Pawn and bind a key or stick to do something like “Add World Location” to your Pawn.

It also wouldn’t be that hard to merge your current project into the VR template project though. Just “Migrate” your level to the VR template project and all everything you need should come across.

Hope that helps point you in the right direction!

Thanks a lot for the explanation ^^