How do I animate Enemy AI?

Hey all. Im in the middle of developing a game and so far so good. Im running into quite a few problems and the main one is that I don’t know how to animate AI. I can and know how to animate the playable character but I do not know how to animate AI. I’ve tried youtubing and googling but to no avail.
I want to use the Infinity Blade Assets as the AI. I know they come with all the files needed to be animated but I do not know how to use these files to animate the character themselves, any help and thoroughly explained tutorial would be greatly appreciated!

You animate it exactly the same way you’re animating your character, using AnimBP.

you need to understand that AI is not so different from a Character, if you create and assign an animbp to the AI and then create a behaviour they will moving exactly like you, the difference is that your character receive input from you, the AI receive input from conditions (example: if see the player MOVE TO)