How do i add collision to a movable sprite flipbook?

I painstakingly went through each seperate sprite of my animation and manually added a shrinkwrap collision around it i also set collision to block all, however still no results, is there something i am missing.
My object is a spike crusher so it’s important it can detect things underneath it.
Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Divinitize,

There is no support for collision on flipbooks currently. There are a couple of different approaches you can take, depending on the exact sort of animation you have, either using another component like a box, sphere, or capsule component as the actual collider, or using one of the source sprite frames as an invisible collider (hide the sprite component but keep the collision).

If the collision needs to change drastically from frame to frame then there isn’t a great solution right now I’m afraid.

Michael Noland

I really appreciate the reply, sadly yes it does require complicated collision. I think the workaround i will attempt is instead of animating it i may just add a timline to make it raise and lower, that way a component box will follow it ect.
Keep up the awesome work, everything else is working great, just really looking forward to future better android support :(.