How do I actually use the "ready to use" engines in the marketplace?

Hi everybody, first time posting here and first time user of UE4 so I apologize if it’s not 100% the best place to ask.

I’ve created a project using the “Horror Engine 1.1” in hopes of trying to prototype some ideas. In this case, there’s a “tutorial”/showcase level for it.

Let’s say that I want to reuse any of those blueprints and/or assets. What’s the usual way of doing that? Should I just delete all the assets in the world and start from scratch, using blueprints as necessary? Do I import the blueprints in a separate project? I’ve seen some basic tutorials but I’m still feeling kind of overwhelmed as to the “best practice” way of doing things.


Depends on what you need from the “engine”. If you are going to use a lot of it then start with the engine and delete as needed. If you only want a few assets or features then import into a different project.