How do i achive such grass?

i tried useing cel shadeing but it looks like ■■■■, any info on where to start?

Looks like it’s just colorless and normal less.

Basically make a flat sheet with the blades of grass and make sure it has an alpha channel, create a 3d plane, unwrap it with the image you created.
Move/tilt the plane, duplicate, offset. Etc to create the model, and bring in engine with just the diffuse, masked, and the alpha into it for it to fade.

read this

thanks a bunch ill try my best, ill reply if i still can’t get it to work :slight_smile:

If you want to go crazy with options:
(in case the link doesn’t work directly, Academy Materials Master Learning course, there is a specific chapter on Grass you can refer to in order to add effects, like wind.