How do I access marketplace content in the Linux version of Unreal Editor?

The ‘Hour of Code’ videos I watched seem to have this fully integrated, and that buying something on the Marketplace just shows up in your Library and can be accessed in Unreal Editor as Content, but I can’t figure out how to get the items I just “bought” (free things, just getting started here…) to be downloaded / seen by the editor?

I built 4.27 this morning without much trouble on Ubuntu Studio 20.04.


I used to use this launcher GitHub - gameamea/UE4AssetsManager: The Unofficial Cross-Platform UE4 Launcher But haven’t in a while.

Just now I tried installing the EpicGames launcher ( ) with wine and ran it. It found all the projects in my ‘~/Documents/Unreal Projects’ and allowed me to add some of my library content to a project, I had to check the “show all projects” checkbox and specify the project version.

For some reason, it did not recognize all of the UE versions that each project was using. It was a little slow during the install, and had some weird input grabbing issues where I had to alt-tab to the wine explorer instance instead of clicking on the launcher window in order for my keyboard input to work for the creds and verification code.

Running Fedora 34 with src builds of UE4 4.27 and UE5 early access.