How did you guys get decent graphics?

i’ve seen somo tutorials and they have awesome graphics and mine suck :frowning:

Watch more tutorials, until your graphics is more awesome. There are no shortcuts. Keep doing stuff it will improve, but if you have no will for doing it, better find new hobby. This one requires a lot of patience, learning and work to get anywhere.

For a good graphic you need high quality assets with good textures. Another important part is the light and the scene setup -> so where you place the lights, which settings, how you combine the meshes (e.g that all colours fits together). Another thing are the post process effects -> lens flare, blur, scene colour,… :slight_smile:

So as Nawrot already mentioned -> learn until your scene looks awesome! :wink:

My little list of important elements of good rendering:

  1. Mesh with good silhouette and well-defined features
  2. Combination of textures that takes into account mesh features AND highly tiled “Microsurface” textures that define material itself.
  3. Nice material and **GOOD **roughness texture. In PBR(Physically based rendering), reflection is the key and roughness texture basically defines how your texture will “talk” with light.
  4. Good lighting is vital, don’t know what to add. Never ignore lighting setup!
  5. Use Post Processing in the end to tweak visualization of final picture. You can change color balance or add some contrast and etc. It can really improve the look of good picture, but can’t enhance bad picture, so don’t overuse it :slight_smile: