How detailed should my high poly mesh be in Environmental Art

Hey guys, I was wondering how detailed I should make the high poly version of my mesh. Is this detailed enough or does it need more? I’m going for a pretty realistic aesthetic (think Uncharted 4), but I don’t want to waste time on pointless details. Thanks!

Screenshot (5).jpg

For sculpting, the easiest way to judge that would be to scale the model on your monitor to the largest it’ll be in normal game play. If it’s s first person game where the player will be using it as cover, it’ll need a lot of detail at eye level. If it’s a third person game, the camera won’t get anywhere near that close. If it’s for a top down game, it’ll be even smaller. You don’t want the model to look like a blob. Also if you are going to be layering in other textures and normal maps, the sculpting detail can be much lower, and you don’t need to worry about sculpting high frequency, or small, details. Just make sure you get the medium and large forms right.

@zacd thanks for the response man! Really helpful tips. Yea its a 3rd person game and textures and other normal maps will def be there.