How detailed is okay for level design

Hello everyone. I have a question that could explain a lot to me and end frustration. When you design and model your static meshes in the 3d modeling program how far would be classified good on todays standard. I am working on an environment scene based on an old asylum hospital. I have the walls blocked out and working on different windows and doors. Modular designing is what I am shooting for. Would substances be far enough as far as the old look for concrete and tiles and making the normal maps show the gouges or would sculpting have to be involved further? Thanks


Hey it is hard to tell without seeing something, show us something :wink:

For PBR, you need a diffuse, a metallic, a roughness or specular and a normal map…sometimes emissive…AO…

I would say this depends on the style you’re aiming for, as well. If you’re aiming for super-realistic, then that’s a reasonable baseline to push the boundaries as much as possible. Whereas, if you’re going for a more stylized look, then you have some creative and artistic freedom.