How could I split a ValuePair ?

Hi, Everybody. Everything ok? I hope yes.

I’m developing a new blueprint, but I have a question. I need split a value from my ( Break MySQLConnectorKeyValuePair ) component, because I’m receiving two values together ( id, name ). I need split the ( name ) key and get the value from the ( name ) key. Someone it have a idea please. I’m a student.


Thank you

I am a bit confused - looking at your blueprint “Break mysqlconnectorkeyvaluepair” already has 2 nodes? If ID and name are both in one value as ONE string then maybe use “parseIntoArray” node? That way you can define a delimiter and split a single string into several substrings contained in an array.

Hi, Fronzelneekburm. but I need get the value name. It’s together. I need print the ( Ka ) value.



Thank you

Use a Right Chop with a value of 4?

Or use a string replace and just replace “nome” with an empty string?

Hi, Ispheria and Fronzelneekburm. Everything ok ? So, I’m so happy for the both answers, it was amazing. I think Right Chop very easy. Thank you so much.