How could I reset my actor?

Hi, everybody. Everything ok?

I changed the Actor to a StaticMesh, but I need reset my actor to be changing to another StaticMesh. How could I make it?

Thank you

What do you mean ? you want to change the static mesh component of your actor in Runtime right ?

If so just drag your SM Component then “set static mesh” in your event.
If not, i misunderstood what you meant by “reset”, could you be more explicit ?

Hi, Crysux. Nice to meet you.

Then, When I set a StaticMesh and later I set another StaticMesh. It is accumulated in the main actor. So, I need reset ( set the initial status actor ) the actor before set a new StaticMesh.

Thank You

Hi [MENTION=680016]Unreal Student[/MENTION],

If I understand you correctly, you are already setting a Static Mesh during runtime and you want to “revert” to the original static mesh. If this is the case, then its very simple.

In your Blueprint, drag your StaticMesh component to the graph and drag the wire to Set Static Mesh. Then right click on the dropdown and create a new variable (call it originalMesh). Then select the mesh for that variable. Duplicate this variable and call it “NewMesh” and select the new mesh for the actor.

Now you have the 2 meshes saved in 2 separate variables. Now when you change the SM during runtime all you have to do is set static mesh to NewMesh variable and to “revert it” just SetStaticMesh to OriginalMesh variable.

Hope this helps!