How could I charge a power during time and transferring it to object?

Hi All
I’m starting to learn blueprints scripting, and after several days of learning watching the tutorials from youtube.
I decided to start with something simple but immediately I encountered a problem which I can’t solved during long hours.
I’m totally devastated because I have no idea how this script should be looks.

I am looking for information to help solve me a few things.

  1. The camera from “mycharacter” blueprint where I have my ball - sphere component show the direction of shoot.
  2. Pressed button I can charge the power during the time.
  3. Release - transferring charge power to ball and start physical simmulation

Thank you for any helps.

Here’s what I do in my game:

The player controlled wizard can charge up any spell. Charging any spell fires its “On Charge” event, which does different things depending on the spell. In this case, the spell is a fireball and the charge just increases a float counter over time.

You could set a LOOPING timer by function name after the button is pressed

The function(Event) that the timer refers to should keep track of a value and increment it each time the function is called.

When you release the button, check if the value is big enough with a branch node this is essentially asking did you hold the button down long enough. Also be sure to clear the timer and reset the value

Note: the “F+=” is a small helper function I created in a game function library. It increments the input by the given value.