How could I change a material texture depending on other materials a in mesh

So I have a skeletal mesh of a shoe that has 3 material slots, one for the shoe material and one for the shoelace material (3rd is for the legs material but is irrelevant to what im trying to do). I would like to have it so that if I have a certain shoe material on, it will change the texture of the the shoe lace material to a certain texture. And I would also like this to happen everytime the skeletal mesh is spawned in game. Im new to unreal and just cant figure this out. Heres what I have attempted but it doesn’t work.

Use a switch node. You can make material B depend on material A.

I take that back, you can’t switch on material :slight_smile:

Then a fairly neat way of doing it would be a function:

Sorry, I just noticed you said ‘texture’, but something similar applies…