How correct or cancel a game module

Hi, I am currently working on an older project and I can’t play on the package I make because I have a game module apparently and all the solution I try to find create new problems. It

Here was the original problem , when I packaged my game, an error appeared on the start.
The game module “xxx” could not be found. Please ensure that the module exist and that is compile.

I realized after that Some document where missing from the previous version which was a source folder in whiche there were two cs file called and
when I try to package the game now, there is an error saying: the type or namespace name “Uebuildbinaryconfiguration” could not be found(are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference)

Then I tried to erase everything mentionning xxx which is the name of the game module and the editor crash stating that he can’t find xxx reference so in all case I am stuck , any idea how to fix it since the game module that my game seem dependant do nothing(all the game is made using the blueprint system)