How can you use the GameplayTagAssetInterface BP functions if the interface itself isn't exposed to BP??

This seems rather silly, but I am confused as to why there are exposed BP nodes for GameplayTagAssetInterface yet the interface itself isn’t exposed to BP, rendering these nodes useless in BP as you cannot implement the interface in-editor. I tried to find a solution but [it seems to be a problem for a while now][1]. Is there any way I can make use of these interface nodes in BP?: Get Owned Gameplay Tags, Has All Matching Gameplay Tags, Has Any Matching Gameplay Tags, and Has Matching Gameplay Tag. They would be extremely helpful to use as they only require an Actor reference.

Secondly, this interface looks like Gameplay Tags should become a default container on objects due to their versatility and implementation just like how Actor Tags are. From the BP side of things, I am not sure how those interface nodes would even work unless it checks for specific data types within the target actor. Is there any recent info on Epic’s plans regarding Gameplay Tags? Thanks.




It appears intentional. Why is this?