How can you add a point light to character live preview and hide it from everyone?

I have a character live preview working in my inventory menu widget and so far it looks great but it needs a point light. When I made my character preview I didn’t spawn a render character outside the sky sphere like most others do. I just capture the SceneCaptureComponent2D right from my actual character, works slick but this lighting issue. If it’s dark in my game the character can’t be seen very easily. I added a point light and it fixed that but now everyone can see the point light haha, is there a way to hide a point light from certain actors? or display just for certain actors? I would like to hide the light from everyone but still have it shine for my characters live preview. Does anyone have any ideas how this can be done?


UPDATE: went a total different route but got it done :slight_smile:

Hi @Cipher5
Well if you are making a multiplayer with client and host, i think you can use the node “Has authority” to know if the action is working on the server or on the client.

Basically you want to activate the light and the inventory only on 1 client, so the action should not be replicated on all client or server.
And you can uuse the Has authority define this.

I have done this, no one else can see the light but the local player, I need a way to hide the light from the local player now. I was playing around with light channels a little bit, no luck yet. I will keep trying stuff out. Thanks

try this

Thank you, that looks like what I need, when I get some time soon I will give it a shot

I finally got time to test this. I’m using blueprints so I can’t find this option. Is there a way in blueprints?

Edit: The point light doesn’t have these options, if I add a skeletal mesh to the actor it has these options… Now how to spawn a point light actor to my character so it can use these render options. ?

Does anyone know how to hide a point light from the owner? I just need the point light to show only for the SceneCaptureComponent2D

Set Owner No See, Set Only Owner See
You can also change these in the component’s properties.

Thanks for trying to help but I already tried those nodes, the point light or actor reference wont plug into them :frowning:

They only work for components, not actors, so your point light needs to be a component of the owning actor.
Alternatively, you can set the owner of the point light’s actor using Set Owner, then use those nodes on the point light component.

I must be doing this in the wrong place or something because I added a new (PointLight) component to my actor/character and those nodes aren’t available. I’m using UE4.26. This is really kicking my ■■■ lol

UPDATE: went a total different route but got it done :slight_smile: