How can we submit bugs ? Is it relevant?

I assume bugs are expected at this point in time, so i am genuinely curious if Epic is interested in bugs we find, and if so how should we proceed to report them?

While testing ue5-main earlier I found out a bug related to this recent code change:

After adding instances to a HISM then clearing them up, this piece of code ends up reading uninitialized PrimitiveInstances , relying on their non defined Flags to process the loop and sometimes crash.

100% reproductible, add instances to any HISM, then clear instances and crash, doesn’t seem to affect standard ISM.

Broke my planet vegetation, kinda hard to miss ! ^^

In theory, you use the bug submission form.

In practice, it’s anyones guess if the report will actually be read or logged.


I’ve reported multiple bugs where features don’t work and cause crashes, everytime, even for things that are used often like foliage. Never got a reply on any bug, still broken :confused:
At this point I don’t really bother reporting any bug I find.

The sticky explains this…

I believe you can just submit bugs as you would normally. I submitted one recently (after confirming what I was seeing existed in v4.26) and there is the option to select UE5 EA as the version you’ve found a bug in.