How can my AnimInstance and Character blueprints reference each other?

I’m using pretty much the basic third person C++ template, but I’ve derived a blueprint from the C++ Character class, and I’m using that as my Character blueprint.

The Character class has a method called EventFired(); The AnimInstance for the character has a general AnimNotify called TestAnimNotify set to fire when the foot hits the floor in the running animation.

What I want is for the AnimInstance to grab a hold of the Character object, and call it’s EvenFired() method.

The EventFired() method is public, and available to blueprints - I’ve tried from within the Character event graph, and it works. The TestAnimNotify fires - I’ve tested. What I can’t figure out is how to get the AnimInstance to know where to find the Character object so that it can call it’s available methods.


This article might help: