How can I use trigger box event in another blueprint?

I try to tell problem with visual. I hope you understand my problem and fix the problem. Thanks.

What are you actually trying to do?

  • create a Custom Event in the TB_2 - its *Input *list ***must ***be the same as the Control Panel’s event.

In this case I’m using Actor Overlap with 2 pins (component overlap has 6, I think).

In the Level Blueprint, drag both references to the graph and create event, if the signatures of the events do not match (as mentioned above), you will be unable to find it in the Create Event dropdown.

Now, whenever something overlaps Control Station, the TB_2 will fire its Custom Event.
In your case, you’d need to do it for the Control Station Trigger rather than the Control Station actor itself.

Okay, how can I get reference the “Control Station” and “TB_2” to in Level Blueprint? (picture2)

You drag them from the *World Outliner *into the Level Blueprint graph. If you look at the very 1st image in your original post, it’s in the upper right corner.

Alternatively, you can select the object in the outliner / viewport and right click in the LB’s graph. Look for Create a Reference To (blueprint name)

Its not connect to target.

I don’t need the create trigger in “Control Station Blueprint”, Can I use the trigger (created in Level Editor) in TB2 Blueprint? right? so how can I do that? (pic2)

Blueprint pins are context sensitive - drag a wire *from *Control Station and search for bind.

Drag the trigger reference to the graph, drag a wire from it and search for the appropriate event.

I drag the trigger box from world outliner to tb2_blueprint event graph but nothing happened.

I do rigth click the trigger box and select create event. It’s ok but event creating in Level Blueprint. I want to creat in TB2_Blueprint.

This will never work. You can only create references by dragging from the persistent level to the Level Blueprint.

And that’s precisely what the example in my original post demonstrates. Which part are you having problems replicating?