How can I use a pre-existing landscape and use it in world composition so I can level stream it?

I have an extremely large preexisting landscape for my project that was created in engine and has been worked on. Is there a way to use that landscape in world composition so that I can stream it to lessen the blow gameplay wise?

If not, what is a system that I can use to set a render distance for the landscape?

The goal is to have it so the entire landscape isn’t loaded and rendered all at once because it bogs game play down to a crawl.

You could remove componets from your map and then save what remains. By this I mean remove the outer sections of your map in a block, leaving like four central componets and save that as Map_01 and leaving your sky, lighting, and player start. Then reopen the original map and do the same, but this time removing all but one corner of your map. Take out the sky, lighting, player start and everything else ou saved in Map_01. Save the new area as Map_02. Keep going until you have saved all your original map as sublevels. Make sure all those new maps are in a single folder and open Map_01, enable world comp and the engine should automaticly detect the others. Don’t leave your original map in that folder however as it will be added and thats just gonna be a big mess. Once it’s all done you should be able to run around and the new areas of your map will load once you get close to them. Only other option I know of is just rebuilding the entire thing. This way may take a bit longer in the short term, but you wouldn’t have to rebuild everything. Good luck.