How can I turn off splitscreen mode with several locals players?


How can I turn off splitscreen mode with several local players so that I can use only one camera to render to the whole screen?

Heres the funtion that sets splitscreen mode, you can set it to none

You should make a subclass of GameViewportClient and don’t forget to tell the engine to use the subclass (set it inside Project Settings in Unreal Editor).

In the .h file add something like this:

	virtual void UpdateActiveSplitscreenType() OVERRIDE;

And in the .cpp:

void UMyGameViewportClient::UpdateActiveSplitscreenType()
	ActiveSplitscreenType = eSST_NONE;

Completely true, edited above.

Well, it works.

I think those 2 locals are not needed as you don’t use them

Well i guess i say thanks too didn’t know you need to override :stuck_out_tongue: it’s kind of odd considering there as set function

Thanks! I will try this.

Under project settings, “Maps and Modes”, “Local Multiplayer”
Uncheck “Use Splitscreen” under

Thanks. I noticed that they added this feature in 4.1.