How can I trigger something when a certain threshold of illumination of a surface is reached?

Is it possible to trigger something when a certain threshold of illumination at a surface is reached? For instance to do something when the player shines a flashlight at an object?

Hi Bajee,

Could you explain more about the design of your game? What do you want to trigger? Do you want to trigger something in the material or in the world? Does it matter which light is influencing the object or is it just that one spotlight?

Probably not doable in blueprint, but to easily check if a object is “lit” by attaching a camera to the light and check which object are rendered.

The following is doable in blueprint: You could also do a couple of ray casts from the light position to the light direction with length of light intensity. And do something based on that, but it really depends on what you want to accomplish.

Good luck!

Hi Bajee,

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