How can I trigger certain anims on an actor attached to player ?

Here is what I have. I have a player with an actor attached to the player (added it in player’s BP, no sockets; maybe I am doing it wrong). The actor is skeletal animated mesh with 4 anims - idle1 (looped), idle2 (looped), action1 and action2.

Action2 anim should be played on player’s spawn, with idle1 following it almost immediately. Then, when player trips a trigger (or another actor on the level should be able to trigger it) action1 anim should be played, followed by idle2, then after a short delay followed by action2 anim, and idle1 anim following it almost immediately. Maybe if I can pause action1 and action2 anims on first or/and last frame when needed, then I wouldn’t need idle1 and idle2 anims at all.

How can I accomplish that with BP?