How can I stop Forward movement of MyCharacter via blueprints?


What I want, is that for example, I run and jump, and I want to be able to press a key (Like ‘S’ or’Q’) so that I stop my Forward velocity and thus stop myself from over jumping a platform.

If someone can guide me on how to do so with blueprints on MyCharacter via de FPP template, I would appreicate it.

I think all I need to do is to set the current Movement to 0 for an instant but I can’t find a ‘Set Pawn Movement’ function or similar.

This is my latest failed attempt. My reasoning was to ask what the movement of the player was, then multiply that in the x and y directions by minus 1 so that when it gets added it cancels out the motion tending towards zero.


I’m Dumb. All I had to do was the following.