How can I speed up material color changing?

I have an array of 50x40 simple cube meshes, and a 50x40 array of dynamic materials.

m_pMaterialArr[a][b] = m_pMeshArr[a][b]->CreateAndSetMaterialInstanceDynamic(0);

On Tick, I execute SetVectorParameterValue.

m_pMaterialArr[x][y]->SetVectorParameterValue(FName(TEXT(“Color”)), FLinearColor(fRed, fBlue, fGreen, 1.0));

My material is set up as a blueprint, I tried creating a C++ material but even having the class file existing prevents the code from compiling.

I was thinking of having three textures loading and changing the alpha between them, maybe that would work better? I am going to move to the particle system next, but I’d really like to get this working. Is there some sort of C++ solution to speed up this process? Or maybe a setting?