How can I shoot through an opened door created by blueprint?

I’m kinda new with this engine and a completely newbie in blueprint scripting. However I’m an IT engineer specialized in AI and computing science.

Told you all before to make things easy for you to explain me how I can resolve my problem. Which is:

I have 2 kind of doors. One is opened by sliding and the other one rotates throw its right side. I have created subtractive boxes to make ahollows in the wall, I’ve put the doors blueprints there (Rotating one with a frame door).

The main problem is… When they’re open I can’t shoot through one side to the other. The proyectiles collision with the void where should be the door while it’s closed and get backwards.

If I’m too near of the door… The gun won’t ever get fired.

Can anyone help me, please?

rotates by its right side (Not throw D:)
to make hollows (Extra a)
THE rotating one with a frame door
There are some mistakes more, but I guess those were the worst

Is your Projectile causing a collision on the Subtractive box?

On the Hit event of your Projectile you can Print String the Ref of the Actor/Component it is hitting, this may better help determine what it is actually hitting

I believe collision is the issue here. While you are inserting a subtractive box into the wall for your door, if I’m not mistaken, the collision bounds of the wall are unaffected. I could be wrong but I’m fairly confident that while you may see a hollow opening where the door is, the original collisions remain intact.

The substractive box isn’t the problem. Once I remove the door I can shoot through the hollow again. Don’t know where exactly, but the problem is in the blueprint. Thanks anyway jtsmith :wink:

I’ll work on the ooOOooGravy’s idea and let you know when I solve it!

It’s already solved!!

The projectiles where causing a collision with the triggers.
I’ve solved everything as it appears here:

Not exactly like that. But pretty close.

Thank you all!