How can i set up ART(TOOL) IN MAYA2016??

hello guys, i have a problem, so that i make my own character rigging i got maya2016.
and then i found the Animation and Rigging Tool from EPICGAMES SITE.
I tried to set up the tool in maya2016 but i couldn’t.
I followed the set up process from ue4 document and even I refered a youtube tutorial 'How to add the Epic Games Animation and rigging tools into maya ’ .
but until now I can’t get the tool into my maya2016 version.
the setup pop-up menu doesn’t popout. according to the docu the setup pop-up would poped out.
pls tell me what should i do ? i want to rig and animate my own characters!

At the top of the Animation forum, there is a stickied thread with ART questions.

With that said, ART is not yet supported for Maya 2016. It might not work well yet, if at all. You also didn’t say if you were using Windows or OS X. I created an OS X port, and if that’s what you need, the standard one that ships with UE won’t work. I have instructions for getting it a few threads back.

thank you for your reply .