How can I restrict movement to just 2 axis?

Hello, could you please show me an example of how I can use this as I can not seem to get it to work… Thanks.

I am using get forward vector and get right vector nodes so I do not understand where I am placing the branches for the !=


I have a simple question which seems easy to resolve (just can’t figure it out).

I have a top down project which used W,A,S,D to move.

I do not want the player to be able to move diagonal…

So when W is pressed the player moves forward, when A / D are pressed at the same time I want the player to move left / right (I do not want them going diagonal).

Any ideas?


use this node


if x value != 0 means it’s moving on horizontal axis, so if x!=0 you don’t allow the input from w and s, use a branch, analog for y and ‘a’ and ‘d’

tell me if it gives you some problem.