How can I release free stuff on the marketplace?

Hey all.

I’ve been doing tutorials for AI features in Unreal Engine for a few months now. I was wondering how I went about releasing these for free on the marketplace? What I mean is that I wouldn’t mind releasing a few demo environments with all the AI “finished” as a sort of end product when the tutorial series are done. Ideally in a format that people can just get from the marketplace and merge/import/whatever.

Is that possible yet? I haven’t seen anything other than Epic stuff up for free, well, outside of third party people wanting to sell addons at least. Is there a free release option in marketplace submissions?



Hey Phil,

I just checked and the submission form does allow you to set the price to free for educational, tutorials & samples. Koola’s lightroom is a recent example of a project placed on marketplace for free.

So long as you meet the requirements set out in the submission guidelines, you shouldn’t have any trouble releasing free content. I would recommend filling out the form and then discussing it further with epic when they contact you.

Hope that helps!