How can I reference properly and make Widgets being considered as an Actor?

Hello guys, i’m making an minimap for my game, and while I have the map done, my arrow is actually an 3D model in an BP using the Find Look At Rotation, but I’ve came across two problems

  1. I’ve attempted to make the target of the arrow to be the BP by creating an variable and editing it as the reference of my TargetBP, however it didn’t work, it only worked if I used the Get All Actors of Class, is that some kind of limitation?

  2. When I tried to make it into a 2D UMG version, I’ve reached into the same problem that led me to use SceneCapture 2D instead of the map Image, the fact that the Image_X variable is not even considered for anything besides for the Render functions, even if I attemped to make an unorthodox approach by making the arrow as a separate Widget Blueprint, it won’t be considered as an Actor after all and that would also get me into the problem #1.

What do you guys recommend? Casting the Arrow texture into the Player Controller?