How can I raise or lower an object suspended by a physicsConstraintActor?

Hi everyone

I’d like to ask if someone has experience with this. I am trying to do a game where you raise and lower an object suspended on a rope. I will use the cable plugin to render the rope, but want to use a simpler simulation for the actual swing. So I’m trying to use a physicsConstraint, where one object below is suspended from the object above.

The problem is, I don’t know how to move the thing up and down, without making the simulation go bad.

What I’ve tried:

Moving the linear position Target
-This moves the constraint itself, but not the object suspended from it, it seems

Turning off physics, moving the object and turning them on again
This does not seem to work

Making the physicsConstraint inactive, moving it and making it active again
Does not work

Any ideas?


The attached pictures just show what I am after, but again, I haven’t been successful at it!

Thanks for the reply! I had since abandoned the project, but I hope this will be of help to anyone else with a similar problem!