How can i put EventBeginPlay more than once ?

I put it only once and if i want to use it for some other place i need to use i big wire between the two and it masses things up .

We don’t allow placing of most events multiple times because the order in which they will be called is undefined and we felt that having unambiguous event execution within a blueprint was important.

One way you could work around this, although it does create a bit of disassociation in the graph, is a setup like this:


Or if you don’t want to create custom events:

Screenshot 2014-05-01 15.24.31.png

Marc Audy But look at the mass it makes ! :expressionless:

HJPL Thanks but in this one i would still have to draw wires all over the place .

Steve Allison Nice idea ! I think i will use it in the future. Thanks !

I find just keeping things streamed together works best, especially with event chain. it sort of becomes the header to the events, with the supporting blocks below it, but all up to how you want to lay it out. As said though having it force an order of execution is a good thing though. Keeps you from having a ton of really hard to debug issues. Cause some value or event fires out of order, and till you break on every event, it’s impossible to debug. With how they have it setup now though you can debug things so much easier.

Create and use macros, no more wires all over the place.