How can I preload a level when not using Level Streaming?

Hi Guys,

I am working on a game which uses multiple levels. When switching to the next level I want it to be preloaded while the current level is still active and playable and not covered by a loading bar widget to cover up the transition.

I know how to do this with Level Streaming but was wondering if it is even possible when not Level Streaming.
I am NOT using Level Streaming for reasons I don’t want to get into here to spare you these details.

Help much appreciated! THX!

Not possible without level streaming I’m afraid…

okay, thought so. THX for your reply!


Unless you convert the levels to BP, ideally smaller maps or mini-levels.
As its still a lot of work to convert and can have catches. It works though. :wink:

BTW: There’s also the Load-Level-Instance node which can subload.
You could experiment using it immediately after the Main Level loads…