How can I make ponytail physics with self collision in one mesh?

I’m trying to make a character with tentacles on their head that have a chain of bones to simulate movement, but they also need to be able to collide with the rest of the characters body. Think like a twilek -image- from star wars. All I can find is tutorials on parenting a separate object (Like this) that can then collide, but my problem is that it’s all one smooth transition from tentacle to head to shoulders.
Any idea how I could have these physics controlled bones collide with other bones in the same skeleton? Is there some other work around that doesn’t force me to have seams on my mesh?

(I’m not a programmer. Only using blueprints. Go easy one me.)

It is possible in one Mesh, have you Setup the physic Asset of the sceleton and how does it look Like?

So I’ve since posted on reddit and gotten some good feedback. I now have everything working almost as I want it. But I think armatures exported from blender 2.8 don’t work right in UE4.22 because only one tentacle is working while the second, or any other chain I make simulated, snaps to a new parent bone and I can’t figure out why.