How can i make my own keyboard shortcuts ?

I have about 30 objects i need to add an “OnBeginCursorOver” event .
There is no option to make a shortcut for it in the "editor properties => keybaord shortcut " .
Do i need to right click, select sub menu, pick the option . 30 times ? It makes no sense !

Do you really have 30 completely different and independent Blueprints that implement this event? Can’t you make a parent Blueprint and make the rest inherit from it?

These are different objects ( not blue prints but static meshes ) that each have i different material which needs to glow when i hover the mouse on it ( I will just use the same collectionMaterial variable in all materials for this ) and when i click on a certain object it plays a special sound which is unique for this certain object .

All the logic is happening inside the level blueprint grapth, so it would be a lot nicer if i could take all of those events with a single act and not with many repeated acts .

But, isn’t this exactly when you would use a class blueprint? Definitely sounds like it.

Create a BP from your static mesh, add some properties (material, sound), then put some instances in your level and set their sound effects and materials.

Yep, lol, Thanks XD
Even though it would have been nice to have a fix to the problem above because now i need to explain to my client whom decorating and designing the room that instead of putting static meshes she will have to do it with blueprints, o well…

It’s really not that hard. Blueprints were created mainly for artists after all. Any anyway, creating games (or anything really) would be boring if there was no challenge :slight_smile: