How can I make multiple instances of an actor add to the score when they enter a goal? [VER.12.5]

Hello! this may be a bit of a complicated question so please bear with me.

I’m setting up a project where when a certain actor (of which there are about 25 in game at a time) enters the goal a point is added to the score. When the actor leaves the goal a point needs to be removed from the score. After a long process to get the score together they successfully add to the score and subtract when they leave.

The problem however is that when a second enters the goal it does not add to the score. it will remain at 1 until either one of the two actors leave, then it will drop to 0 even if there is still one in the goal. Currently they are instanced through the level blueprint and I have posted all relevant blueprints below:

First is the Arena BP says when collision happens with the actor

Then in the actor that is colliding is adding/removing a point

Receiving the score, it is put to the HUD

And the instance of the Actor in the level BP

Screen with 4 in the goal

Screen after one of the 4 is out of the goal but 3 remain

Any help with this would be much appreciated, it’s really giving me a hard time. Thanks!

Move the Add / Remove Point functions and the Score variable to the Arena Goal BP. After the cast to the Wigglers, run the function. Basically just like you have it now, but remove the blue line connecting the Target.

The problem is that you have the Wigglers keeping score, not the goals.

Oh, and on your HUD, make a variable reference to the Arena Goal BP. Pull off of that and grab the score to feed into your text manipulator.

Awesome! Thanks a ton. Now that you lay it out like that it makes sense that if it was in the duplicated wigglers that it would be fighting with itself. Again thanks a ton!

You’re welcome, glad you understood my jumbled mess of words. I was in a hurry when I was typing it out.