How can I make it so that multiple people can work on a project at the same time and do they have to buy their own licenses and assets or just licenses?

I plan on starting a small team to work on games involving me and two other people. How can we work on a game at the same time and how would they be able to use the same assets?

willhaddix, are you familiar with version control systems like Git or Perforce? They are systems that manage all the source files of your projects (not just Unreal, but any type of multi-file project, really) and allow multiple people to edit the same files without stomping on each other’s edits. Unreal has built in support for three such systems: Perforce, SVN, and Git and includes special in-editor “diff” tools that let you manage merge conflicts that sometimes happen when two or more people edit the same file.

I suggest reading this documentation titled “Collaboration in Unreal Engine”:

Unfortunately that documentation doesn’t cover Git. If you’re interested in using Git with Unreal Engine you’ll find some additional detail here:

As for sharing the same assets, version control addresses the logistics of working on the same files at the same time. But if you’re using assets that you’ve purchased from the Marketplace or other 3rd party sources you’ll have to check the licensing agreements for those assets to determine any legal restrictions on how individuals or teams may use them.

By share assets I mean since we are all working on the same project will they have to buy the same assets that I purchased if they are only working on the same projects I am