How can I make it respawn with an granting ability of 50+ hunger variable?

I have a hunger system and this is my “pickup” that adds more health. I’m trying to make the blueprint class that gives you health respawn after a short delay of being destroyed, but when it respawns it is just the static mesh. I think this issue might be because i have the blueprint saying “this specific bush in the level is what gives you health” instead of “this blueprint in the level is what gives you health” but i’m not sure how to translate that into blueprints. here is a picture of the current setup. any tips on how to make it respawn with the ability to grant you 50+ hunger variable?

I you load the shooter game it has health pick ups in it you can use it as an example.
It seems thought you need to set the Defaults in the blue print for amount of health and re-spawn time.

You destroy based of that “NewBlueprint” node (i don know how to call it, i know it a instace of object on the level in level blueprint) so a 2nd time it does no exist as it’s and probably creates a error and break execution. Thre 2 ways you can fix that

1.Keep NewBlueprint instance in varable, on BeginPlay set tha varable to that “NewBlueprint” node, replace current “NewBlueprint” with get varable. Also set varbale and NewBlueprint spawn using “Return Value” output. This way your circuit will always have access to latest NewBlueprint.

2.And i think most easiest and efficient. Move all this code to NewBlueprint instead of level blueprint, or at least character with what i said in option 1